SIAPFEST #1 2021

The Department of Visual Arts, Faculty of Languages and Arts, Universitas Negeri Semarang has an international event in fine arts called SIAPFEST #1 2021, to accommodate the creativity and aesthetic expression of watercolor artists from various countries.

SIAPFEST #1 2021 is ready to document and publish your watercolor paintings on an international scale. SIPAFEST#! 2021 carries a big theme, "Identity".

"Identity", as a reflection and self-image that can be sourced from the psycho-eco-socio-cultural aspects of each participant. Participants are expected to be able to present creative artworks that represent “identity” in an expressive, variative, and even imaginative with their respective perspectives and interpretations.

The exhibition will be held virtually and officially opened through a zoom meeting. It is opened to all over the world participants, both professionals and students. The artworks will be documented on E-Catalog.

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